Enter caller’s mobile phone number with country code

Get the Web Emergency Locator PRO

Local warnings

Send alarm messages to all users in your sector. In case of an imminent danger (e.g. gas explosion, accident, shooting) you can give advance warning to people and tell them what to do. This functionality can also be included in your own app.

SMS Locator

Locate callers with an SMS. The user clicks on a link in the SMS and his position is instantly transmitted to your pro dashboard.

Custom emergency number

When users or employees are on site, they have immediate access to your local emergency number.


Location data of all calls are pushed to your own dispatch software.

Live Map

EchoSOS calls appear automatically on the browser map without the need to enter the caller’s number

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«We have been using the EchoSOS Pro Dashboard for quite a long time, it allowed us to get the location of many people needing urgent medical care.»

Anton Verspeek, Emergency dispatch center for central Switzerland

Customers already using our EchoSOS Web Emergency Locator PRO

The Pocket Livesaver

EchoSOS is a free lifesaving smartphone app that sends your location to local emergency services, worldwide

  • In case of emergency, launch the app and it will automatically know in which country you are in
  • EchoSOS will then select and call the correct local emergency number
  • Your position is sent to the emergency operator who will be able to see where you are


  • Display of nearby address and coordinates
  • Demo function
  • No data? No problem: your location is sent by SMS
  • Field tested by Swiss Emergency services for the last four years, now available worldwide
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